Is There Voter Fraud in Michigan?

Is There Voter Fraud in Michigan?

( – The popular vote is one of the two deciding factors in presidential elections. It also happens to be the only deciding vote in any other election. When false votes happen, it can lead to inaccurate and unconstitutional results.

Now, one man is taking action.

Michigan voter Tony Daunt recently filed a lawsuit against Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Bureau of Elections Director Jonathan Brater, and several other election officials. Daunt claims that in at least 16 Michigan Counties, voter rolls have not been verified or maintained.

The lawsuit cites data from the American Community Survey 2014-2018 as well as a list of voters sourced from Benson’s office. It claims that Leelanau County, for example, has a 102% voter registration rate — a statistical impossibility during an accurate election. All 15 counties mentioned in the lawsuit sit at a total of just above 90%.

Benson responded to the claims in an interview stating that Michigan will enforce a new voting process that will make forgery “nearly impossible.”

False votes have the potential to seriously impact elections. In 2016, President Trump won Michigan by only 0.4% with a total of 2,279,805 votes. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton netted approximately 2,268,193 votes. That’s a difference of 11,612. It’s easy to see how the potential for fraud exists — which is exactly why we need to protect the process at all times.

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