ISIS Inspired Mass-Knife Attack Confirmed

ISIS Inspired Mass-Knife Attack Confirmed
ISIS Inspired Mass-Knife Attack Confirmed

After 11 students at Ohio State University were struck by a vehicle and then attacked with a large knife, it’s being reported that the suspect was a Somali refugee who was living in the a legal permanent resident and attending school at OSU who reportedly praised American-born Al Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki as a “hero” and rallied against U.S. interference in Muslim lands.
After the Bastille Day massacre of 2016, when an  ISIS-backed Tunisian terrorist drove a truck through the crowd of hundreds on a promenade in Nice, France, killing 84 people and injuring 102, this has become a common MO for ISIS. And they have more recently been directing their members  specifically to use knives in carrying out their acts of terror.
United Voice reported the following in October:
“ISIS is now recommending that its “Lone Wolves” carry out terror campaigns with a knife–attacking innocent civilians, including women and children. ISIS is spreading its hate-filled plans in the popular online propaganda magazine Rumiyah, where they try to help their followers deal with the fear of killing victims with a knife.”
The tactics of ISIS leave disarmed citizens in America as sitting ducks. Terrorism is a foreign notion to most Americans. We have never been taught, never been trained to deal with the threat that they present.
In Israel, for example, the faculty and staff of universities and public schools are armed and trained to deal with terrorism. As unpleasant as it seems, it is a way of life for them. And they choose to face that fact head-on. Perhaps it’s time Americans faced facts too—we cannot combat terrorism with gun-free-zone signs.
Several states already allow students and faculty to arm themselves in public universities and colleges. In fact, Tennessee most recently made the news when they passed such a law without the signature of their governor.
Whether or not your state allows those in schools to arm themselves, with the illusion of personal safety fading away in America, it’s becoming more and more necessary for citizens to develop a sense of their own personal vigilance and be self-reliant. The government is clearly not going to do it for us.