Islamic State Deputy Abu Yasser al-Issawi Dead

Islamic State Deputy Abu Yasser al-Issawi Dead

( – On January 20, twin bombings rocked Baghdad, Iraq. When the dust cleared, at least 32 people were dead and more than 100 others lay injured. The bombings were the result of a suicide attack carried out by the Islamic State (ISIS). Just a week later, the Iraqi government reportedly got revenge.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi released a statement on Twitter on January 28, announcing the death of ISIS commander Abu Yasser al-Issawi. The deceased terrorist was the head of the ISIS operation in Iraq and, without a doubt, had a hand in the bombings that took place on the 20th.

The prime minister said he gave his word that he was going to pursue the terrorists in his country, and that’s a promise he’s fulfilled.

The operation that killed al-Issawi was reportedly carried out west of the city of Kirkuk. It was led by Iraq’s Counter-Terrorism Service. The terrorist leader died in a firefight. The latest operation is proof the US allies are going to continue to hunt down and take out ISIS despite the leadership change in America. Whether President Joe Biden is going to go after the terrorists with as much gusto as former President Donald Trump did remains to be seen.

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