James Comer Demands Treasury Cooperate With Investigation Into Bidens

James Comer Discusses Perjury Charges Over Hunter Biden Docs Meeting

(UnitedVoice.com) – When Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, they made it clear they intended to investigate President Joe Biden and his family. The House Oversight Committee has started doing exactly that. However, some federal agencies are not cooperating and has one lawmaker seeing red.

On March 4, Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, announced he was going to hold a hearing over the Treasury Department’s failure to turn over documents related to the Biden family. Specifically, the congressman wanted the agency to hand over suspicious activity reports (SARS) that were related to any high-dollar transactions or unusual foreign activity from Biden, his son, Hunter, or other family and associates of the president.

Jonathan Davidson, the department’s assistant secretary for legislative affairs, allegedly skipped a hearing with congressional investigators and Comer. The chairman set another hearing for March 14.

In a statement, Comer accused the Treasury Department of claiming they are “cooperating with the committee’s request” but obstructing lawmakers instead. He said he and the others on the committee have “offered multiple good faith accommodations,” but the department is not cooperating. The Kentucky congressman said they’re “done with the excuses” and demanding Davidson testify before Congress, where he will be “under the penalty of perjury.”

Like a courtroom, if someone is sworn in before Congress, they are required to tell the truth. If not, they can be charged with perjury.

Comer explained the testimony from Treasury is vital in the committee’s investigation into the Biden family. He said that the testimony will allow lawmakers to “follow the money” and determine the potential implications the president’s family’s business deals had, if any, on national security.

Conservatives have long worried about Hunter Biden’s business dealings with foreign entities. When Joe Biden was serving as vice president under President Barack Obama, Hunter worked for a Ukrainian company. He also allegedly has links to the Chinese government. Republicans want to ensure his business dealings don’t put the country in a danger.

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