Jan. 6 Committee Now Accuses Trump of Criminal Conspiracy

Jan. 6 Committee Now Accuses Trump of Criminal Conspiracy

(UnitedVoice.com) – From the moment Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) created the January 6 Committee, Republicans have said it’s a continuation of the witch hunt against former President Donald Trump. The entire committee is composed of lawmakers who have made their disdain for him evident. Their last accusation seems to support that allegation.

In a court filing on March 2, the January 6 Committee accused the former president and his allies of engaging in “a criminal conspiracy to defraud” the United States. The filing was in reference to a case against conservative attorney John Eastman and his refusal to submit thousands of documents to the committee. The documents are related to his role in allegedly trying to convince Vice President Mike Pence to stop the certification of the election. Eastman has cited attorney-client privilege in the case.

The lawmakers said Eastman doesn’t have a right to privilege because of the “crime/fraud exception” and claimed they have a “good-faith basis for concluding” Trump and his campaign committed a crime.

One would think evidence would accompany a bombshell accusation like that, but that’s apparently not how the committee works. Its filing included excerpts of depositions and interviews, but no clear evidence to support claims that Trump broke the law. Just saying they have a “good-faith basis” won’t stand up in the court of law.

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