Jesse Watters Responds to Joe Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness

Jesse Watters Responds to Joe Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness

Fox News Host EXPLODES – “You Can’t Steal Pelosi’s Purse…”

( – On Wednesday, August 24, President Joe Biden did the unthinkable to many Americans. Instead of proposing a plan that benefits everyone, like a tax cut, he targeted billions of dollars to help some of the most well-off people in the country. While many owe student loan debt, many do not. Some paid off their obligations, others chose not to go to college if it meant going into debt, and still others worked while attending school to avoid taking out loans. None of that stopped Biden from announcing his forgiveness plan.

Right after the president’s announcement that he planned to forgive $10,000 in college debt for most borrowers and $20,000 in forgiveness for those who received Pell Grants, “The Five” host Jesse Watters unloaded. He argued the move was an illegal election ploy primarily benefitting those with graduate degrees who make well over six figures incomes.

Jesse Watters Unloads On Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Many legal experts question whether the forgiveness program is legal. Instead of Congress authorizing the spending, the administration is using the HEROES Act of 2003, which forgave some college loans for warfighters protecting America in Afghanistan and Iraq. Watters blasted the move. With sarcasm in his voice, the popular Fox News host congratulated White borrowers with graduate degrees who make good money. He stated they are the forgotten people in America and now have a president who feels their pain.

Watters said it didn’t make sense for Democrats to make the case that the economy is going well. Still, they need to forgive loans because people can’t afford them. He insinuated it’s immoral to steal from taxpayers through the treasury to pay the Democrat’s favorite voters. Watters noted his authority as president doesn’t include taxpayer dollar appropriations — that’s Congress’ job. The host stressed the president was figuratively stealing from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) purse.

Is Biden’s Plan Fundamentally Fair?

The Fox News host continued. He added the move was unconstitutional and a form of reverse class warfare, suggesting the government is robbing the poor to pay for the rich.

Watters doesn’t appear to believe the forgiveness plan will end here. He stated the next one would be even worse. The longtime news personality stressed the unfairness of forcing those without degrees to pay for those who incurred debt to obtain one. He said when politicians cut taxes, everyone benefits. When Biden pays off college debts, everyone pays for it regardless of whether you have a loan, paid off one, or never took one out.

So, do you agree with Jesse Watters? Do you feel Biden’s plan is fair?

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