Jets SCRAMBLED – Korean Tensions Hit New High!

Fighter Jets Fill Sky as North Korea Sparks Panic

Fighter Jets Fill Sky as North Korea’s Aggression Escalates

( – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ramped up his aggressive rhetoric in the last couple of years, even threatening to use nuclear weapons. The authoritarian head of state recently launched military testing that led to a reaction from South Korea.

North Korea fired a number of missiles in recent days. On November 4, the regime launched roughly 180 flights near the Military Demarcation Line that divides the countries. South Korea sent 80 aircraft to the area as a result, including F-35A stealth fighters.

On Thursday, November 3, The Washington Post reported South Korean Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup and the Pentagon warned that North Korea was likely getting ready for a nuclear test. Lee said there isn’t an exact “estimate when [Kim] will carry out the test.”

Lee and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin released a joint statement warning the Kim regime about using weapons of mass destruction. Austin said a nuclear attack on America or its allies would be “unacceptable.” The Pentagon used even tougher language in its Nuclear Posture Review, which stated, “There is no scenario in which the [DPRK] could employ nuclear weapons and survive.” South Korea and the US are currently carrying out the largest-ever joint military exercises with roughly 240 aircraft.

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