JFK Files Reveal These Bizarre Facts

JFK Files Reveal These Bizarre Facts
JFK Files Reveal These Bizarre Facts

“Who really killed JFK?” Anyone who has ever taken a US History class has most likely asked themselves this question at least once. The released documents may not answer that particular question, but they certainly open the door for many more.
As many expected, the documents contain an incredible array of evidence ranging from photos through investigative reports and even court documents. For conspiracy theorists, it represents renewed vigor in the search for the truth, but the documents also contain a long list of bizarre and confounding facts.

Key Facts

  • The documents contain claims that former President Lyndon B. Johnson believed that JFK was assassinated because he ordered the assassination of Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem, a man who held leadership during the Vietnamese war. Despite the mention, there is little evidence in the document to back up such claims.
  • At least one document mentions that the American government was considering a partnership with the Mafia. The documents reveal that the “intermediary…hired by CIA” was none other than Sam Giancana. If the deal had gone through, Giancana would have been responsible for assassinating Cuban leader Fidel Castro.
  • One memo shows that former U.S.S.R. leaders were “shocked and consternated” at Kennedy’s death — an event they believed was related to an attempted coup on behalf of the American far right. The Communist Party of the Soviet Union also believed President Johnson was somehow involved.
  • An individual claiming to be a “member of a committee” to kill Lee Harvey Oswald telephoned the FBI with his plans just one day prior to his murder. J. Edgar Hoover pointed the finger at Jack Ruby, but also states that Ruby denied involvement in the same memo.
  • The files highlight a failed attempt by JFK to create a bounty system for the capture or assassination of Fidel Castro. The plan granted individuals or organizations between $0.02 and $1 million dollars for the delivery of Castro, dead or alive. JFK originally planned to have air raids drop the pamphlets over Cuba’s most populated areas.

What do you think of the efforts made to keep historical information from the American public’s eyes?