Jill Biden Devastated Free College Not Included in Democratic Agenda

Jill Biden Devastated Free College Not Included In Democratic Agenda

(UnitedVoice.com) – One of the key components of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better (BBB) agenda was free community college for all eligible students. As lawmakers have negotiated the so-called human legislation, it’s become clear the college funding would not be included and now First Lady Jill Biden has admitted it.

On February 7, the FLOTUS gave a speech at the Community College National Legislative Summit in the capital. She told the audience that the BBB no longer contains Joe Biden’s $45.5-billion plan to pay for two years of community college. Mrs. Biden said she was disappointed it was stripped from the bill.

The BBB legislation stalled after Democratic Senator Joe Manchin (WV) objected to its massive price tag in the face of record inflation. In an attempt to decrease the price of the bill, the Left removed the college funding and other programs from Biden’s key policy initiative. However, it wasn’t enough; the West Virginia lawmaker still doesn’t support the spending bill.

Conservatives have long objected to universal college. They aren’t against it because they believe Americans don’t deserve an education, they’re against it because they believe the middle class will subsidize upper class families. Republicans also believe community colleges underperform with only about one-third of students actually graduating, meaning Democrats may have forced the country to pay for something that might not even be effective.

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