Joe Biden Acts Weird During Town Hall

Joe Biden Acts Weird During Town Hall

( – There were new concerns about President Biden’s cognitive abilities last week, after a bizarre performance at a town hall in Baltimore, MD. The strangeness wasn’t just confined to the notoriously forgetful president’s answers, either. His behavior is also increasingly weird – weird enough to provoke Fox personality Sean Hannity to perform a devastating takedown.

While Biden waited for CNN host Anderson Cooper to ask about current price rises, Biden stood in a strange posture with his forearms extended from the waist and his fists clenched. Several viewers commented it looked like the president was holding “an imaginary jet pack.”

Another strange gesture surfaced when Biden claimed that “55 corporations… making over $40 billion, don’t pay a cent” in tax. This dubious statistic was announced in a stage whisper, while Biden circled his finger and thumb then held them to his eye like… well, like something. It wasn’t clear what he thought he was doing.

When an audience member asked Biden what he planned to do about China’s aggression towards its neighbors, the hapless president accidentally rewrote US foreign policy. He announced the US commitment to come to Taiwan’s defense if aggressors attack the island nation. His statement forced the White House to “clarify” this isn’t actually true.

After some more strange comments, including a tale about racing the late General Colin Powell on a Secret Service track, Biden rounded off the session by forgetting the name of Long Beach, CA – the country’s second-largest port. Cooper had to supply the name for him. Unfortunately for the US, the media-shy Biden is about the least likely president to have a well-educated news anchor around when he needs one.

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