Joe Biden Could Cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline

Joe Biden Could Cancel the Keystone Oil Pipeline

( – It looks as though Joe Biden plans to implement another one of former President Barack Obama’s policies at the expense of Americans. New reports indicate the Democrat plans to take aim at the Keystone XL pipeline.

According to a January 17 report by Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC), a briefing note by Biden’s transition team has been circulating showing he plans to put a stop to the pipeline that runs from Canada to Nebraska. The note for actions allegedly scheduled for the first day of his administration had the words “rescind Keystone XL pipeline permit” on it.

Canadian officials are alarmed by the news. Bob Benzen, a member of the country’s Parliament, said the move is a bad idea as both countries try to recover from the pandemic.

Biden should be focusing on job creation as America bounces back from the pandemic. Instead, it looks as though he wants to eliminate good-paying jobs on his first day in office. This is exactly what President Trump warned would happen.

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