Joe Biden Practically Missing From Campaign Trail as Election Comes to a Close

Joe Biden Gone from Campaign Trail as Election Comes to a Close

( – There’s just a week left until voters choose their next president. You’d think that would mean both campaigns would be in overdrive, trying to reach as many voters as possible. However, one candidate is not campaigning as hard as he could be.

On Monday, October 26, Joe Biden made a single surprise stop in Chester, Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump went to three cities in the Keystone State: Lititz, Allentown, and Martinsburg. In each city, he greeted excited fans and discussed his plans for the future.

That was after the POTUS’ whirlwind weekend. On Saturday, President Trump voted in Florida, then held events in Ohio, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.

It says a lot that the president is able to campaign in multiple states, while Biden can barely handle one event. The former vice president seems to have fallen in the same hole Hillary Clinton fell in during the 2016 race that prevented her from visiting some battleground states entirely. Does that mean the results will be the same?

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