Joe Biden’s Brother Under Federal Investigation (REPORT)

Joe Biden's Brother Under Federal Investigation (REPORT)

( – The hits keep coming for the Biden Family. On December 9, Hunter Biden revealed he was under criminal investigation for potential tax crimes. Now, a new report reveals he isn’t the only person in the family under the microscope.

The same day Hunter revealed he was being investigated, POLITICO reported Joe Biden’s brother James was being looked at, too. According to the article, the Western District of Pennsylvania is investigating Americore, a healthcare business he was involved in.

POLITICO previously reported Americore gave James Biden a loan worth six figures — which he never paid back — and continued to take on other financial liabilities. Tom Pritchard, a former executive at the company, said Biden’s involvement made the company’s financial woes even greater and eventually led to bankruptcy.

The report doesn’t indicate that Joe Biden is under investigation. However, it’s disturbing that so many people in his life seem to have issues with the law.

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