Joe Manchin Sinks Green New Deal Despite Negotiations

Joe Manchin Sinks Green New Deal Despite Negotiations

Joe Manchin STRIKES AGAIN – He Actually Did It!

( – Many politicians refuse to publicly state what they believe in private. It appears Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) isn’t one of them. Over the last year, it seems the Left has fundamentally misunderstood the moderate Democrat. After private conversations, Democrats walked away optimistic that Manchin will help them accomplish their goals. Perhaps they’re mistaking his politeness for agreement?

The Left can’t pass legislation without Manchin’s vote in an evenly divided Senate. Publicly, Manchin has stated repeatedly that he’s not a liberal, won’t ever become a liberal, and that inflation is hurting Americans. As a result, he won’t go along with restructuring the economy and environmental policies the way Democrats want to. After the Labor Department reported inflation was still exploding on Wednesday, July 13, Manchin allegedly told Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) that he would not support the Democrat’s massive budget proposal.

Schumer Strikes Out Again

Over the last several months, Schumer and Manchin said they were working towards a reconciliation agreement that Manchin could accept. Schumer floated a slimmed-down version of the Democrat’s radical Build Back Better proposal that Manchin killed right before last Christmas, hoping it might be a better fit. Schumer focused on healthcare, tax credits for climate change, and raising taxes on the wealthy.

On Friday, Manchin told a West Virginia radio talk show he would discuss a much smaller deal to lower prescription drug prices and help with health insurance premiums. If Democrats didn’t like it, the senator said they could wait until September to see if inflation was coming down enough for him to support a larger proposal.

Democrats and climate activists expressed resentment and outrage because Manchin wasn’t moving forward with climate and energy programs and raising taxes on the rich.

Manchin Hasn’t Changed His Tune Over the Last Year

Manchin’s position shouldn’t shock anyone. On Wednesday, the West Virginian released a statement echoing past ones over the last year. After the government reported inflation surged to 9.1%, he said it was a serious cause for concern. He said those who could afford it the least were paying the price the most. He said the politicians needed to put the country and the inflation crisis ahead of partisan politics.

Manchin accused the Washington, DC, Democratic establishment of ignoring the concerns he’s talked about for more than a year, all of which have come true. He added everyone in Congress needed to work together to control unnecessary government spending and produce energy domestically. He said Congress could no longer add “fuel to this inflation fire.”

The New York Times reported Democrats were furious at the news. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) said Biden sabotaged the effort to curb climate change. He noted if the country waits for another decade, it would cost trillions of dollars and create a massive human toll. Professor of environmental policy at the University of California Santa Barbara, Leah Stokes, said Manchin was condemning children with his policies, making her angry with the West Virginia politician. Still, even more leftists expressed general outrage against the moderate Democrat.

So, is Manchin right to say more government spending would worsen inflation?

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