Joe Sestak Exits Race

Joe Sestak Exits Race

Joe Sestak announced over the weekend that he has dropped out of the Democratic Primary race.

After months of campaigning, the former Pennsylvania representative was still doing poorly in national polls. In a press release, he thanked the people who had shown him support, saying:

“I deeply appreciate the support so many of you offered, whether by volunteering, offering financial contributions or coming to our campaign events. I will miss the opportunities I had in experiencing America in such a wonderful way!”

He added “Please accept my final note of service to you,” which many people are taking as him saying he’s done seeking any kind of public office.

Political pundits were surprised when Sestak announced he was running for president because he never had a strong backing as a politician. He had lost two general elections and one primary election during his bid for Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District.

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