John Kerry Says Ukraine’s Greenhouse Gas Effect Scares Him

John Kerry Says Ukraine's Greenhouse Gas Effect Scares Him

( – Special climate envoy John Kerry is President Joe Biden’s point person on climate policy. Although the official flies on private planes and leaves his own large footprint, he has a lot to say about what other people do. His present target is the war in Ukraine.

On July 10, Kerry appeared on MSNBC News to discuss how he believes the war is worsening the impact of climate change. The former secretary of state said the “climate crisis is growing by the day.” He explained this is the hottest summer on record, which means everyone has to come to the table to discuss the issue.

Kerry went on to say that the bombs exploding in the war and the damage to critical infrastructure, like electrical centers and septic tanks, leads to methane and other gasses entering the atmosphere. “The result is it’s adding to the problem,” Kerry said.

Though Kerry wasn’t suggesting the US shouldn’t help Ukraine or be involved, he just thinks the war is worsening the problem.

That wasn’t the first time Kerry has discussed war’s effect on climate change, either. In June, he spoke to The New York Times about the issue. He said, “climate change is a threat multiplier,” and explained that the war impacts health and food security. He accused the Russian military of making no effort to respect “civilian human life and the consequences of using certain kinds of weapons” in the battle.

Kerry was criticized online for saying the destruction of septic tanks is bad for the environment. Some Twitter users posted clown emojis, insinuating the official is a joke. One of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R) campaign employees, Christina Pushaw, asked if Kerry swam to the UK or if he took a private plane.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley responded, saying the end of the administration “can’t come fast enough.”

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