Johnny Depp Suggests Presidential Assassination

Johnny Depp Suggests Presidential Assassination
Johnny Depp Suggests Presidential Assassination

American celebrities seem to be seeking to add their names to the growing list of those who wish to harm our president. Johnny Depp is just the latest.
Mr. Depp spoke at the Glastonbury Festival in England and may have overestimated how the citizens and visitors of London would take his comments, but they have been duly noted. Speaking in front of a lively crowd, the actor presented his question:
“When is the last time an actor assassinated a president?”
Mr. Depp went on to explain that he wasn’t an actor, but instead lied for a living. Then he said that “It’s been a while. Maybe it’s time.” The crowd wasn’t exactly receptive to the comments, and if the Secret Service is keeping tabs, it’s likely that Johnny just got his name added to the list of those who will pay dearly for their words.
The actor insisted that it was “just a question” and he “wasn’t insinuating anything,” but then other celebrities have made similar claims.
Madonna has publicly shared her thoughts of “blowing up the White House.” A Julius Caesar production which presented the assassinated ruler as an actor who looked strikingly like Donald Trump cause the New York Public Theater to lose funding. And let’s not forget Kathy Griffin’s presentation of a bloody severed head that resulted in a pink slip from CNN.
While these celebrities could quite possibly be noted by the Secret Service, it’s more likely that the president’s watch dogs will let nature take its course in a society built on capitalism. Boycotts and Twitter demands might make these celebrities more famous, but they also result in lost funding and a mark on their careers that isn’t likely to go away.