Johnson & Johnson Loses Opioid Case [PLUS: States Sue Trump and New Millennial Survey]

Johnson & Johnson Loses Opioid Case [PLUS: States Sue Trump and New Millennial Survey]

Johnson & Johnson Loses Opioid Case

A judge in Oklahoma recently found that Johnson & Johnson helped to fuel the Oklahoma opioid crisis. The company has been ordered to pay the state $572 million for its contribution to the opioid epidemic. The attorney general of Oklahoma originally asked the judge for $17 billion, which is how much the state has spent dealing with this crisis.

New Hampshire is also suing Johnson & Johnson, claiming that their deceptive marketing practices helped fuel opioid drug addiction in their state. Johnson & Johnson has stated that they will appeal the judgment because they believe the ruling was flawed.

19 States Sue Over Migrant Children Plan

The Attorney Generals of Massachusetts and California are leading a lawsuit with 17 other states and DC. Their goal: attempt to undo the Trump administration’s plan to allow migrant children to be held in federal custody indefinitely.

A 1997 court settlement, known as the Flores Agreement, restricted the time that an immigrant child could be held in custody to 20 days. Homeland Security Director Kevin McAleenan announced recently that under the new rule migrant families would be held at family centers indefinitely. Though the DOJ didn’t immediately comment on the controversy, it’s likely they believe that 20 days is insufficient to process the now-massive influx of immigrants.

Those who illegally enter our country must be held accountable, even if they’re bringing children. New family centers keep families intact by allowing children to stay with their parents, which is exactly what the Left was complaining about. Still, Liberals will never be satisfied with any policy pushed out by the Trump administration.

Millennials Place Less Value on Religion, Patriotism or Family

A Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey started 21 years ago, asked Americans what values were most important to them. The majority believed that hard work, patriotism, religion, and starting a family were most important.

Those American values are now less important to our younger generations.

The poll was done again with people between 18-38 years old. Although hard work was still at the top of the list (not that most millennials actually know what hard work is), faith in God, patriotism and having children were not seen as important.

What replaced love for God, country and family? For millennials, self-fulfillment and tolerance for others were among the top responses.

While it’s not surprising that young people have become brainwashed by Leftist ideals and have forgotten the importance of God and country, it’s still shocking. Millennials don’t realize the hypocrisy of tolerating others while supporting hate groups like Antifa. They also bar people they don’t agree with from speaking at colleges.

This survey is a perfect example of why President Trump wants to restore the values that make America great. What do you think of the results of this survey? Let us know in the comments!

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