Jr.'s NASCAR Proposal Gets Side Eye From Fans

Jr.'s NASCAR Proposal Gets Side Eye From Fans
Jr.'s NASCAR Proposal Gets Side Eye From Fans

Are you a fan of NASCAR or Dale Earnhardt Jr.?
If you are a fan of the races, you’re undoubtedly a fan of the Jr. Well, at least you are as of right now. Some fans might not like him when we reveal the surprising comment he made in a recent podcast.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. spoke with The Dirty Mo Media crew during his last podcast. Halfway through the segment, Jr. suggested moving the Monster Energy NASCAR Championship from its current location at Bristol Motor Speedway to the Daytona International Speedway.
Eyebrows immediately rose all throughout the room — and continued to rise across most social media outlets after.

Key Points

“A championship race at Daytona, where it all started,” he said. “It’s good enough to be our Super Bowl, but we don’t want it to have a championship race? Good lord, everybody. Grow a pair.”
The suggestion immediately drew skepticism from fans all across the country. Many worried that the Daytona track’s high rate of crashes could potentially interfere with the races or even lead to serious harm for Nascar’s best drivers.
Some also raised concerns about putting such an important race on such a dangerous track. A catastrophic crash could put all drivers in the race out of commission, leaving no champion to stand as winner at the end.
But there are benefits to hosting the championship at Daytona. First, the Daytona International Speedway is much better attended and publicized; that’s how it became a household name in the first place. Not only would more people attend, but the event would also be boosted in reputation by the location alone.
It’s undeniable that the final race would be exciting and thrilling at the Daytona track. What isn’t clear is whether that excitement really makes up for the added risk of losing all four drivers mid-way through the race.
Then, there’s also the viewpoint of traditionalists. They see the Daytona 500 as the “Superbowl” of NASCAR, but they don’t see the final races the same way. In their view, moving the race to Daytona would cheapen the prestige of the 500 while also feeling wildly inappropriate for a race that just isn’t as important.