Juan Williams Praises Obama’s Insane Attacks Against Conservative Media

Juan Williams Praises Obama's Insane Attacks Against Conservative Media

(UnitedVoice.com) – Fox News analyst Juan Williams is one of the most outspoken opponents of President Donald Trump on the network. He also provides op-eds for the leftist website, The Hill, where he frequently trashes the president. This time, he went after the Conservative media.

In his most recent opinion piece, Williams discussed Barack Obama’s most recent attacks on Republicans. The former president has been giving interviews to media outlets to promote his new book, “A Promised Land.” He’s said the GOP goes along with “conspiracy theorizing, false assertion fantasies” of President Trump and other media figures.

Obama has called right-leaning media the “biggest threat to our democracy” and Williams said it’s a warning for Joe Biden. Instead of disputing the former president’s insane accusations, the Fox News analyst went along with his assertions. Why does Fox continue to give someone like this a platform?

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