Judge Blocks Missouri Abortion Law [PLUS: GOP Ousts Omar and NC’s Illegal Immigrant Crimes]

New Missouri Abortion Law Blocked

Attorneys of the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood won a temporary injunction that puts Missouri’s heartbeat law on hold. The law set to go into effect this week, but now it’s delayed until all legal challenges have been ruled on. The heartbeat law will ban abortions after eight weeks of gestation, typically the time that a heartbeat can be detected.

All that Liberals have accomplished is to delay a bill the prevents more murders.

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU said in their court filings that the new law severely limits access to “constitutionally protected medical care.” Currently, there is just one clinic in Missouri that performs abortions, which these organizations believe is too few. Lawyers for the state of Missouri can appeal the ruling, though they haven’t said if they will.

Alabama Republicans Call for Omar to Be Expelled

Alabama’s Republican party has passed a resolution to have Rep. Ilhan Omar removed from the House of Representatives. The resolution states that “Representative Omar has engaged in rhetoric that explicitly runs counter to American values and patriotism by falsely accusing U.S. armed forces of committing war crimes while on a mission to liberate her home country of Somalia.”

Omar responded to the resolution on Twitter.

The House has expelled five members in the past for disloyalty, bribery, and obstruction of justice. Omar seems to be less concerned about traditional American values than most members of Congress. Although it is unlikely that Omar will be removed while the Dems control the house, hopefully, voters will do the job in 2020.

Fifth Illegal Immigrant Accused of Rape in Montgomery County

A few days ago we mentioned Montgomery County as a place where Dems are welcoming illegal immigrants with open arms. At the time of that story, four illegal immigrants had been arrested for rape in the past month. Now, it’s with a heavy heart that we’re reporting the fifth instance of this phenomena.

On July 22nd of this year, Montgomery County made it illegal for county officials to ask residents about their immigration status. County police are also prohibited from calling ICE if they suspect someone’s status unless a serious crime has been committed. Even in those cases, the police don’t guarantee that they’ll hold the criminal until ICE arrives.

Residents of Montgomery County should take extra precautions with dangerous illegal aliens on the streets. The county’s politicians obviously value the “rights” of immigrants over the safety of American families.

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