Judge Prevents 3D Gun Plans From Being Posted Online

Judge Prevents 3D Gun Plans From Being Posted Online
Judge Prevents 3D Gun Plans From Being Posted Online

We posted about an evolution in personal safety – the new and very legal ability to download and 3D print guns from one’s own home – just last week. The single-fire weapons aren’t exactly top-of-the-line in features, but they do make owning a firearm more cost-effective. Sadly, the lefties have managed to convince a judge to rescind that right just as fast as it was granted, making 3D printed guns illegal once again.

Key Facts

• Democrats petitioned Judge Robert S. Lasnik of Seattle after first hearing that the “age of the downloadable gun” was about to begin last Wednesday. This was the day that creator Cody Wilson planned to make the blueprints available online – but it never came to fruition.
• Instead, leftists petitioned Lasnik claiming that the release carried “a likelihood of irreparable harm” if permitted. He also stated that the technical plans raised “serious First Amendment issues” and reiterated his belief that there should be “no posting of instructions of how to produce 3D guns on the internet.”
• Admittedly, plastic guns are nearly impossible to detect, and this may pose some concerns, but it’s ridiculous to think that a single blueprint maker’s release will make or break the industry. Anyone who thinks other blueprints aren’t available online is living in a dream world.
• This circular logic again defies the most overlooked fact in the argument against Second Amendment rights: criminals don’t listen to laws. The only way to effectively protect our citizens is to allow citizens to arm and defend themselves when others attack.
• The biggest argument for 3D printed guns is one of cost; many Americans just plain cannot afford to buy expensive weapons. This is especially true for seniors and older adults on a pension. 3D technology could allow these individuals to protect and fulfill their Second Amendment rights for pennies on the dollar, whether the attacker is a criminal or even the government itself.
• Thus far, multiple bipartisan judges across the country have agreed with Lasnik’s temporary nationwide injunction. The Seattle judge will hold another hearing on August 10th to determine the true fate of these blueprints, but it isn’t looking good for your ability to print and defend yourself with cheap, single-shot guns in an emergency.
Lately, it feels more and more like our Second Amendment rights are slipping away. Could this be the start of a much bigger attempt to remove our guns and control the populace? Is a civil war just around the corner? Some people seem to think so. Let us know what you think in the comments.