Justice Alito Criticizes Democrats, Restrictions on Religion and Free Speech

Justice Alito Criticizes Democrats, Restrictions on Religion and Free Speech

(UnitedVoice.com) – Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito offered a scathing rebuke of Democrats in a virtual speech before the Federalist Society on Thursday, November 12. The justice responded in kind to an amicus brief filed by five Senate Democrats in 2019 that threatened the Court. He also warned against the unconstitutional behavior of Democrats who restricted religious freedoms and free speech during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Democrats are unhappy with the swing to the right of the Supreme Court that’s occurred over the last several years. Currently, six justices appointed by Republican presidents and three by Democrats serve on the nation’s highest court. As a result, Democrats have attempted to delegitimize it for political purposes. They have suggested the Supreme Court is ill and needs to be “restructured.”

Democrats Wrongly Criticize the Court

In 2019, five Senate Democrats filed an enemy-of-the-Court Amicus Brief in a 2nd Amendment case in New York. Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), Mazie Hirono (D-HI), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Richard Durbin (D-IL), and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) wrote a scathing condemnation of the court in a full-blown temper tantrum meltdown.

They stated the conservative Court was “not well” and suggested it should heal itself before Congress did it for them by “restructuring” (i.e. “packing”) the court. The liberal Senators’ main concerns were the court would clarify a conservative legal interpretation of the 2nd Amendment once-and-for-all and broaden gun ownership protections. Additionally, the Senators took it upon themselves to air grievances. They went well beyond the case and attacked the Court’s previous rulings on voting rights, dark money, unions, climate change laws, civil rights, discrimination, and much more.

Alito’s Response

In his Thursday evening speech, Alito reminded the Senators that the Supreme Court was not created by the Congress, but by the Constitution. In strong terms, he stated that the Senators insulted the Constitution for insinuating the Court was a “sick institution” in need of “restructuring” to meet liberal agendas and demands.

Justice Alito reminded the Senators of the separation of powers and that the court served as a check and balance on Congress when it oversteps its boundaries. He stated that Congress had no right to interfere with the work of the Court “any more than we have the right to legislate.”

Pandemic Restriction of Liberties

In many states, especially those led by far-left leaning Democrats, governors either eliminated church services or reduced the ability to meaningfully worship. Alito criticized those who took it upon themselves to restrict religious worship and individual liberties by “executive fiat” instead of through legislation with the people’s representatives. The justice argued that religious communities were being treated differently than businesses during the pandemic, even though they have Constitutional protections that businesses do not.

Most revealing in the speech was Alito’s mastery of history. “The vision of early 20th century progressives, and the New Dealers of the 1930s, was that policymaking would shift from narrow-minded elected legislators to an elite group of appointed experts. That dream has been realized to a large extent.”

Justice Alito has assessed that experts now guide the governing process. As a result, the restrictions they create on society by pressuring elected leaders created a reduction in individual rights — with religious freedoms at the center. He said that in some places, “religious liberty is fast becoming a disfavored right.”

Why Was the Speech Important?

Alito’s speech was important because it might indicate how the new 6-3 conservative majority may rule on religious restrictions and individual liberties. On Thursday, the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn asked the Supreme Court to halt New York’s COVID-19 restrictions on religious communities. People are free to gather to shop, support Joe Biden’s potential election to President in mass, and attend large protests for social justice issues. However, the Diocese argues they are unfairly being targeted.

We’ll see what the court does in the coming days.

Will they uphold the Constitution or allow the government to grab more control over American lives?

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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