Justice Democrats, House Judiciary Subpoenas and Judicial Confirmations

Justice Democrats, House Judiciary Subpoenas and Judicial Confirmations

AOC’s Support Group Targeting Fellow Democrats

It’s no secret that AOC owes her success to the Justice Democrats. They’re a relatively new branch of the Left seeking to overthrow established Democrats that don’t follow their far-left ideology. The Justice Democrats’ newest target to unseat is Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX).

Saikat Chakrabarti, AOC’s Chief of Staff and co-founder of the Justice Democrats, is the one responsible determining Cuellar as being unworthy of his House seat. Apparently, Cuellar is a secret conservative because he supports oil companies. When did supporting the lifeblood of our country become a bad thing?

Saikat is also picking fights with Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) on Twitter. Both Engel and Cuellar have confronted AOC’s good friend Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on her radical ideologies. Apparently Twitter wars are the best way to get even.

Let’s continue watching the Left tear itself apart.

House Judiciary Preparing Subpoenas

Democrats are still pushing hard to “prove” the fake collusion accusations against President Trump. They’ve just issued subpoenas to 12 individuals related to the Mueller investigation. Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner are only a couple of the high-profile names being forced to testify.

Dems continue to waste our time on this witch hunt instead of addressing the real issues that affect Americans.

Judicial Confirmations Continue

Finally, some real productivity from the Senate!

The Senate has confirmed Daniel Bress’ new position on the US Court Of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Democrats opposed the appointment of a conservative judge, but that’s only natural. The Left loves to talk about compromise without truly compromising.

Our judicial system is only functional when we have good judges upholding the law. Trump is keeping good on his promise to appoint more conservative judges with their heads on straight. He’s already appointed 124 judges across the country to lifetime positions, so maybe America will finally have a just judicial system by the end of his eight years.

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