Kamala Harris Blames COVID Risk for Her Inability to Protect the Border

Kamala Harris Blames COVID Risk For Her Inability To Protect The Border

(UnitedVoice.com) – Vice President Kamala Harris has been in charge of the border for more than a month but has still not actually gone to the border to see what’s going on. Republicans are furious about her failure to do her job, but the VP is busy making excuses.

According to an April 26 Yahoo News report, Harris recently claimed the reason for her failure to visit was because of “COVID issues.” Her excuse is interesting because President Joe Biden’s policies have released coronavirus-positive illegals into communities along the border. Also, she doesn’t seem to have any concerns about the virus when she’s traveling around the country talking about Biden’s infrastructure plan.

Republicans believe the real reason for Harris’ failure to act is that the Biden administration wants the chaos at the border.

Whatever the reason, it’s getting ridiculous. Not only has Harris not visited the border, she has also failed to hold a press conference to update America. Other than planning a trip to Central America — sometime in the future — and sending hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to those countries, what has she done?

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