Kamala Harris Mocked Over Nonsense Word Salad

Kamala Harris Mocked Over Nonsense Word Salad

(UnitedVoice.com) – President Joe Biden is often accused of being a gaffe machine. He even calls himself that. Over the years, critics have called him out for his word salads (a mixture of words or phrases that become incoherent or hard to understand ) when he speaks. Now, his vice president is facing similar accusations.

On Tuesday, July 11, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Vice President Kamala Harris hosted a roundtable event to discuss transportation accessibility with disability rights leaders. During the meeting, the VP said the “issue of transportation is fundamentally about” ensuring people can “get where they need to go.” Republicans immediately mocked Harris for the way she spoke.

The next day, the vice president met with civil rights and labor union leaders to discuss artificial intelligence (AI). During the event at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, located next to the White House, she called AI “a fancy thing” that is “two letters” and is “about machine learning.” She continued, explaining how the technology works, telling those in attendance that machines are taught things then they predict decisions that might be made.

Daily Caller editor Vince Coglianese shared a video of the Veep speaking and joked that there should be a website dedicated to her explanations of things called “Wikamalapedia.”

A few days before both of those meetings, on Friday, Harris attended the 2023 Essence Festival of Culture in New Orleans. She tried to explain “culture” to the crowd, saying it’s how people express how they are feeling about a moment. Also, it’s finding a way to express those feelings “in terms of just having language and a connection to how people are experiencing life.”

Critics took to Twitter and called her “the emptiest human being alive.” Others joked that someone should tell the vice president she shouldn’t eat all of the marijuana gummies that come in a package at the same time.

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