Kamala Harris Promoting Bill to Replace Buses, But What’s the True Cost?

Kamala Harris Wants to Throw $500 Million in Taxpayer Money at Replacing Buses

Kamala Harris’ $500 MILLION Plan Is Controversial And Dangerous

(UnitedVoice.com) – President Joe Biden’s administration has made green energy policies a top priority of the administration. In 2021, the POTUS signed an executive order to transition to 100% zero-net emission vehicle acquisitions by 2035. Vice President Kamala Harris recently toured a facility to push the bipartisan infrastructure bill’s clean energy school buses initiative.

On Friday, May 20, Harris toured Meridian High School in Falls Church, Virginia, to see its fleet of electric buses. Transitioning to clean school buses was one of the key initiatives in the Bipartisan Infrastructure legislation passed in 2021. In March, the vice president announced the $1.2-trillion infrastructure law contained $17 million to help school districts purchase buses. While touring the facility last week, she announced another $500 million in funding to help schools nationwide. The money will also come from the infrastructure law.

Currently, school bus fleets across the country are diesel, emitting 3,000 tons of soot and 95,000 tons of smog-causing compounds into the atmosphere. Zero-emission buses would eliminate that pollution, but the hundreds of millions of dollars the administration has set aside for those buses will barely make a dent in the true cost. A 2021 estimate put the cost at approximately $30 billion.

So do you support transitioning to zero-emissions school buses, or do you think it’s a waste of tax dollars?

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