Kamala Harris Takes Huge Risk With US Safety on the Line

Kamala Harris Takes Huge Risk With U.S. Safety On The Line

(UnitedVoice.com) – Vice President Kamala Harris left the US on June 6 to visit Guatemala and Mexico. The VP is visiting the countries in the hopes of getting a better idea of how she can solve the border crisis. However, one of the promises she made has left some people shaking their heads.

Harris has promised to invest $4 billion to help develop Central America. That money is in addition to the $310 million in humanitarian aid for the countries. Reports indicate the VP is trying to use the money “to offset what are expected to be tougher messages about battling corruption and upholding democratic norms” in the countries.

The problem with Harris’ scheme is that it’s been done before. Previous administrations have sent money to those countries in an attempt to solve the poverty issue and migrants are still flowing into the country. In fact, when President Joe Biden was vice president, the Obama administration allocated $1.6 billion in aid to the countries, the money they received then didn’t stem the flow of migrants.

Instead of pushing the failed policies of the past Democratic administration, maybe Harris should use that money to reinforce border security — a policy that worked well under President Trump.

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