Kamala Harris Weak at Home [PLUS: More Attacks on Kavanaugh and NSA Finalists]


Kamala Harris Losing in Home State

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) had her hopes set on running in 2020…but now, it looks like she might have to give up that dream.

A recent Emerson poll shows fellow presidential hopeful Andrew Yang is polling higher in California than Harris by a slim 1-percent margin. This is serious business; it’s enough to fully exclude someone from the debate, which often forces candidates to concede defeat early.

Yang recently made national news when he proposed giving every American over 18 a universal basic income (UBI) of $1,000 a month.

Harris, on the other hand, has had to defend her decisions as the Attorney General of California and the District Attorney of San Francisco.

California’s primary is March 2, 2020.

Attacks on Kavanaugh

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is under attack again after the New York Times released a story containing new allegations of sexual assault. They later updated the piece with new details, causing both Republicans and Democrats to question the validity of the report.

Mark Paoletta, who serves as the general counsel to the Office of Management and Budget, thinks this might be just another Liberal tactic – the same smear campaigning once used against Clarence Thomas.

“The 11th-hour allegations against Thomas were totally baseless then and remain baseless to this day. It is the same thing with Kavanaugh…It was all a despicable smear attack to take down a nominee…And after Kavanaugh is confirmed, yet another baseless allegation in the New York Times where the alleged victim doesn’t even remember it. Again, echoes of the continuing baseless attacks on Justice Thomas.”

-Mark Paoletta

President Trump has come out in full support of Kavanaugh:

Trump Names NSA Finalists

On Tuesday, President Trump announced that five finalists are under consideration to replace former national security adviser John Bolton.

During an interview on Air Force One, Trump stated that the top choices are:

  • Army Gen. Keith Kellogg (Pence’s national security advisor)
  • Fred Fleitz (John Bolton’s former Chief of Staff)
  • Rick Waddell (former Deputy National Security Adviser
  • Robert O’Brien (Special Envoy for Hostage Affairs
  • Lisa Gordon-Hagerty (Undersecretary for Nuclear Security at the DOE)

Last week President Trump said many people were vying for this new position: “Everybody wants it badly, as you can imagine. A lot of people want the job — it’s a great job. It’s great because it’s a lot of fun to work with Donald Trump. It’s very easy actually to work with me. You know why it’s easy? Because I make all the decisions. They don’t have to work.”

Although Trump is expected to make his final decision this week, he did not give an exact date.

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