Kayne and Others Lead the Way for Black Trump Support

Kayne and Others Lead the Way for Black Trump Support
Kayne and Others Lead the Way for Black Trump Support

Talk about unlikely sources of support… it turns out famous rapper Kanye West is a staunch Trump supporter. The musician’s support became clear in his recent song, “Ye vs. The People,” and appears to be bolstering support for the President from the Black community as a whole. But it isn’t just his celebrity status alone that’s influencing the change of opinion; it’s his policies and promises.

Key Facts

• Although the left will try to convince you otherwise, Trump has played a significant role in critical diversity conversations since taking office. In fact, Trump once attended Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition as an honored guest.
• Trump has also had a hand in influencing poorly supportive welfare programs that provide money, but do little to help people become self-sufficient. This is a key factor in inner-city multigenerational welfare that needs significant change.
• Our POTUS is also pushing for more affordable energy throughout the United States, an issue that disproportionately affects stereotypically Black, low-income zones. By reopening the playing field to sources like coal, he makes power easier to access at every income.
• There is also the issue of barriers to the American Dream. Trump is working hard to remove licensing restrictions that prevent Black Americans from starting businesses without extensive upfront capital. Black entrepreneurs benefit from this directly and significantly.
• Black business has also benefited from Trump’s conservative policies. In fact, many Black businessmen have revealed significant profit jumps over the last few months. This includes mom and pop shops and large, sprawling corporations.