Kentucky Lawmakers Vote to Put "In God We Trust" In Schools

Kentucky Lawmakers Vote to Put
Kentucky Lawmakers Vote to Put "In God We Trust" In Schools

Every day, we seem to stray further from God. That phrase is a bit of an internet meme, but it seems to be more and more accurate as time goes on and the Left gets more extreme. From mass abortion practices to discrimination against Christians all over the world, it’s getting to the point where some people feel they have to almost hide their faith.
Now, Kentucky lawmakers are fighting back. They recently voted to put “In God We Trust” back in schools — the phrase we built the entire country on.
Here’s the scoop.

Key Points

  • If the vote passes, all public schools will be required to display the phrase in a prominent location as of August 2019. This could be in the form of a flag, a mural or even a simple plaque; the point is to present a constant reminder.
  • The bill in question passed the Senate in a 29-8 vote on Thursday, March 14. It had already passed the House with equally strong support.
  • Although the new regulation makes displaying the national motto a requirement, there aren’t any penalties for schools who opt out. Think of it like an encouragement and not a punishment.
  • While no penalty fees exist, the regulation would give parents, students and community members significant leverage if schools refuse. Parents, community members and students could potentially sue the school for failing to meet the requirement. The new bill sets precedent, meaning they’d be very likely to win.

It is important to note that the phrase isn’t just tipping hat to Christians; it’s also our national motto. By posting it, we encourage a sense of American pride and reinforce the very values that make us who we are.