Kobach Starts a New Campaign, Drone Attacked by Warrior from the Middle Ages and Trump’s Reelection

UV: Kobach Starts a New Campaign, Drone Attacked by Warrior from the Middle Ages and Trump’s Reelection

Republicans Hate Kobach’s Campaign

The former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach launched his campaign for Senator this week. He’s kicking it off in spite of his recent loss to Democrat Laura Kelly, who took office as Kansas governor.

Fellow members of the GOP are worried that Kobach’s candidacy could put the seat at risk of going to a Democrat. Most Republican leaders are backing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo because he’s a former Kansas congressman. Pompeo hasn’t decided if he will run or not.

Drone Taken down by Medieval Fighters

Technology is (apparently) no match for the weapons of the Middle Ages.

Someone decided to play with their new camera drone during a Medieval battle reenactment festival. They wanted a better view of the action at the expense of the drone’s safety. It’s usually safe to keep eyes on the local medieval populace, but not that day.


Participants in these kinds of events take their reenacting very seriously. They weren’t very happy when a flying machine from the future invaded their space. One warrior grabbed his spear, threw it and took down the drone with one fell strike.

If we ever find a way to time travel, it might be best to leave the drones at home.

Trump Has a Great Chance at Being Reelected in 2020

A poll by Washington Post and ABC News shows that 51 percent of Americans are pleased with Trump’s economic management strategies. Two-thirds of everyone surveyed also said they would prefer Trump in the White House to Democratic front-runner Joe Biden. This won’t come as a surprise to most of our readers, but it has many Leftists hiding in their safe spaces.

Trump has a strong base of supporters who can’t wait to give him another four years in the White House. What are some of the things that you love about President Trump? Share with your fellow Americans in the comments below!

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