Krispy Kreme Offers Deflation Discount on a Dozen Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Offers Deflation Discount on a Dozen Doughnuts

( – The price of gas remains high around the country. On average, Americans are paying more than $4 per-gallon for regular gas; diesel and premium prices are even higher. That increased cost is eating into a lot of people’s disposable income, that’s why Krispy Kreme is now offering a doughnut discount.

On Wednesdays through May 4, Krispy Kreme is offering its customers a deal. They can get a dozen Original Glazed Doughnuts for the cost of a gallon of gas. The “doughnut deflation” promotion began on April 13. The company set the price for that day at $4.11, which was the national average for one gallon of gasoline on Monday, April 11, the beginning of the week. The price will change the following week, but will still be well below the $10 to $12 customers usually pay for the treats.

There will be a limit on the number of doughnuts a person can buy at that price: just two dozen. The promotion is a great way for the famous company to give customers a break. Americans are seeing their budgets stretched to the max because of inflation, so it’s nice to see a company doing something thoughtful for the people who keep them in business.

Remember, Krispy Kreme doughnuts are always better when the Hot Light is on.

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