Kushner Volunteers to Testify Concerning Russia

Kushner Volunteers to Testify Concerning Russia

Jared Kushner has information — information about meetings between the United States and Russia, to be exact. With tensions over connections between President Trump and Russia continuing to rise, it comes as no surprise that he’s agreed to answer questions about leader meetings. Kushner’s lawyers revealed his willingness to testify before Congress recently, after intelligence officials released information that showed he was under investigation in the matter.

Meetings with Russia

Kushner himself has met with Russian officials in the past (specifically Sergey Kislyak, Russia’s key diplomat in relations with America). He has also spent time with non-political figures who hold significant power overseas, including Russian banker Sergey Gorkov.
It wasn’t made clear whether these meetings were on behalf of the American government or simply non-political meet-ups, but if they were political, it could change the pace of the current investigation into Trump’s election.
Oddly enough, Kislyak was denied a meeting with Trump or his election officials last fall. The refusal was directly tied to the fact that intelligence officials believe that he is Russia’s top spy recruiter on American soil.

Suspicious Ties

Sergey Gorkov also has weak ties to intelligence, with Vnesheconombank (VEB) playing host to an undercover spy in 2014. Vnesheconombank, a state-run institution, has been under sanctions from the U.S. Government for some time. There’s also evidence that the institution directly supports Putin both financially and through investments to his many ongoing projects.
It’s difficult to determine whether Kushner is holding potentially inflammatory information or not. Under scrutiny, the connections seem to be clear, but it’s strange that he would offer himself up for cross-examination if he had anything to hide. Whether or not the information he reveals will harm Trump, or even result in impeachment, is up for debate.