Las Vegas Shooting Staged?

Las Vegas Shooting Staged?
Las Vegas Shooting Staged?

Usually, evidence leads to conclusions, not questions. But many people are presenting some valid concerns about the Las Vegas shooting evidence — and what isn’t adding up. We’ve gathered a few of them shared by Mike Adams and other sources, for you to consider.

Where’s the Brass?

Brass casings are one reason people wear safety glasses when they go to target practice. The Vegas shooter shot thousands of rounds into a crowd from a room in a hotel, but the casings are described as “dozens” and are sparsely scattered on the carpet of the room, with no mention has been made of any on the sidewalk. Where did they go? The pile should have looked much like the one in the image above rather than the one in this image from The Sun.

Where’s the Burnt Carpeting?

One of the safety precautions you take when doing target practice is to wear long sleeve shirts because the casings coming out of the gun are hot, and will immediately blister your skin from normal target practice. A weapon firing at a high rate such this “automatic gun fire” would have expelled red-hot brass that would have left a smoldering mess of black or burnt carpeting, and the black smoke would have been so thick, no human could have survived inside without a gas mask, even with the convenient fresh air. The longer you fire, the hotter they get. Yet, there are no apparent burn marks anywhere, in any of the pictures of the hotel room.

4th Floor Shooter?

Many videos are surfacing that show what appears to be a shooter on the 4th floor, like the one below. However there are no reports of a broken window or reports of scaffolding on the 4th floor and some are attributing the flash to the mirrored surface of the windows. If that’s the case, where’s the flash on the 32nd floor? The muzzle flash from automatic gunfire would not be hard to spot at night. Especially with all the reflective glass. Yet, there are no videos of any flash coming from the 32nd floor, but there is video capture of what looks like it could be automatic gunfire from the 4th floor.

Spy Cameras

The shooter didn’t just allegedly set up a couple of cameras, but placed them as covertly as any professional spy could. One was on the peephole. There is even one on a food cart. Yet this man had no military training to speak of, much less covert ops. Unfortunately, IF video evidence is conveniently “released” to the media at some point, we all know that sophisticated video editing software can put anyone in what looks like an incriminating situation. If they wanted to, they could put Trump in the hotel room with him on video, but it wouldn’t be real. It’s been said that the age of audio and video “evidence” is over since it can all be faked even experts can no longer tell the difference.

Too Many Guns

The gun count went from 10 to more than 20 overnight. Overkill, anyone? Do we believe a 64 year old desk jockey is going to lug 500+ pounds of guns ammo in duffel bags on his own? That’s a tough one. Paddock would have had to bring them in in several stages, or gotten a luggage cart, brought to him by a bellboy, who most likely would have noticed the odd weight and sounds as the bags were loaded onto the cart.

Claims of Multiple Shooters

Many of the released videos carry the sounds of what appears to be multiple gunshots of different calibers, from more than one gun. This supports the questions asked by who shared a recent alleged claim by Australian, Brian Hodge, that he was a neighbor to the shooter in the hotel and saw multiple gunmen. The statement also claims that the police shot one of the security guards of the hotel.

Missing Tattoo

One blogger pointed out on Aangirfan that the two images of Paddock, currently circulating the media, do not match. In one photo of Paddock, alive and well, the number “13” can be clearly seen in a tattoo on his neck. In the photo of Paddock after he allegedly committed suicide, there is no such tattoo.

Pick a Group

On Monday, ISIS claimed Paddock was one of their members, but later, ANTIFA literature was found in Paddock’s hotel room. Officials have denied that the incident had anything to do with ISIS, but have yet to deny that it was ANTIFA related.

Meticulous or Not?

If we are to believe that this lone shooter, with no military training, was able to set up and meticulously plan the event, then there is one last part of the puzzle that carries glaring questions.
Allegedly, Paddock planned right down to the last detail and was somehow able to get by Casino security in doing so. The same security that involves cameras everywhere and constant surveillance was bypassed by a 64 year old accountant? He must have been very clever with his planning of every last detail.
Yet, once Paddock’s car was searched, authorities found ammonium nitrate, a chemical component used to make bombs. If Paddock was clever enough to plan all of this without his girlfriend, brother, or casino security noticing anything amiss, then we can assume he planned his suicide as well. So, why would he have even considered making a bomb?
We’re not making any assumptions, but we are considering all possibilities. What do you make of this mismatched evidence? We’d love to see your thoughts in the comments.