Latino Group Roasts Biden After Shocking Election Result

Latino Group Roasts Biden After Shocking Election Result

Democrats Suffer HISTORIC Loss – Clear Message Delivered!

( – On Tuesday, June 14, Republican Mayra Flores made history. She flipped a House seat that’s been almost exclusively blue for 100 years. She’s also the country’s first Mexican-born American heading to Congress — and a Latino group roasted President Joe Biden after her win.

On the night of the win, Bienvenido In Action issued a statement and shared it on Twitter the next day celebrating Flores’ win. The group said her win sent a “powerful message” that the country is “fed up with reckless liberal policies.” It went on to say she won because her campaign emphasized the values that are important to the Latino/a community “God, Family, and Country.”

The group accused Biden and Democrats of making America more expensive for Hispanics, creating unsafe neighborhoods, and “making a mockery of [its] culture.” Gas prices are soaring, inflation is up, and Bienvenido In Action believes the Left is forcing families to struggle while radicalizing schools, weakening communities, and using “offensive terms like ‘Latinx’ to upend [the Spanish] language.”

Flores won the special election against Democrat Dan Sanchez. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), a Democrat who has heavily criticized his party, told POLITICO Liberals need to take “South Texas seriously,” explaining he thinks the party takes “Hispanics for granted.”

Do you think Flores’ win is the beginning of a trend?

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