Laura Ingraham Flips After Herschel Walker Defeat

Laura Ingraham Flips After Herschel Walker Defeat

( – Georgia held its runoff election on December 6. Republican challenger Herschel Walker was trying to unseat Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock. That didn’t go as planned, and one Fox News host wasn’t very happy about it.

During Laura Ingraham’s Tuesday night episode of “Ingraham Angle,” Fox News called the race for the Democrat. Speaking to her guest, Mollie Hemingway, the television host said she felt like Warnock’s win was “coming.” She added she doesn’t believe the Republican Party wanted Walker to win because former President Donald Trump picked him.

Ingraham blamed GOP leadership for the loss. She said the party would “keep doing the same thing over and over” because the same people are in leadership positions.

“I’m pissed tonight, frankly. I’m mad,” Ingraham declared.

Hemingway was also upset about the loss. She said it was “offensive” that Republican leadership didn’t enthusiastically back Walker. She also pointed out that party leadership doesn’t have a good message for the voters post-midterm elections either.

Kellyanne Conway, former senior advisor and campaign manager for Trump, was also on Ingraham’s show. She told viewers that Republicans were outspent “three to one” in the runoff and claimed they could have won the seat in the midterms if spending had been better.

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