Laura Ingraham Says We Need a Rebirth of Common Sense

Laura Ingraham Says We Need a Rebirth of Common Sense

( – On February 3, a train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. It was carrying dangerous chemicals that government officials allowed to burn off in the wake of the accident. The toxic fumes hung over the city, which led to a mandatory evacuation. President Joe Biden’s administration is being criticized for its response from a number of people, including Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

On an episode of her Fox News show, Ingraham said the United States needs to “forget Earth Day” and have a “Rebirth day” instead. She explained the country should have a “rebirth of common sense.” The conservative host then went on to slam the Biden Administration for the East Palestine response. She accused the Democrats who spout clean energy policies of doing more damage to the environment. The Fox host mentioned the controlled burn of the chemicals in the derailment.

The decision to burn off the chemicals was actually given the go-ahead by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R). Three days after the derailment, NPR reported the Republican said he approved a “controlled release” of the chemicals.

Ingraham demanded to know where President Biden is as the problems in Ohio persist. She’s not the only one asking that question. Senator JD Vance (R-OH) has also criticized the administration for its response.

Market Watch reported that Vance said the POTUS was not responding to the disaster appropriately. DeWine was pressed about the senator’s remarks at a recent press conference. He revealed Biden did call him and offer all of the federal government’s resources, but he turned down the help.

The evacuation of the town has been lifted in recent days, allowing residents to return home. Unfortunately, many still feel unsafe and complain of burning eyes and a rancid smell. There are other reports of animals dying and waterways covered in oil. Clean-up crews are still on the scene of the derailment.

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