Lauren Boebert Moves to Block Biden Paris Treaty

Lauren Boebert Moves to Block Biden Paris Treaty

( – When former President Barack Obama entered the US into the Paris Climate Accord, he did so without approval from the Senate. The move caused outrage at the time. Former President Donald Trump later pulled America out of the agreement, saying it didn’t benefit our country. Unfortunately, shortly after Joe Biden took office on January 20, he re-entered the US into the agreement. One congresswoman is moving to put a stop to it.

Freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has been in Congress for less than a month, but she’s already making a name for herself. Most recently, she announced she planned to block Biden’s attempt to rejoin the Paris Accord.

In a statement, Boebert explained Biden has a constitutional duty to have all treaties ratified by the Senate. She said it was wrong when Obama entered into the agreement without permission, and “it’s wrong now.”

America is lucky to have representatives like Lauren Boebert standing in their corner, ready to face-off against Biden and stop his unconstitutional actions.

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