Lawmakers Granted Access to Biden Family Transactions

Lawmakers Granted Access to Hunter Biden Transactions

( – The House Oversight and Accountability Committee is now controlled by Republicans. As soon as the GOP took control, they opened an investigation into President Joe Biden’s family and associates. The Treasury Department has finally given them access to important information.

On March 14, House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) issued a statement informing the American people of the recent development. The lawmaker stated the Treasury Department was finally willing to provide an “in camera review of the suspicious activity reports” (SARs) related to the president’s family and his associates. The reports flag any high-dollar or unusual foreign transactions.

The announcement comes just a week after the chairman slammed Jonathan Davidson, the assistant secretary for Legislative Affairs, for refusing to show up for a scheduled sitdown with the committee. The department also refused to hand over the SARs. Comer demanded the administration begin cooperating with their probe at the time.

In the most recent announcement, the chairman accused the POTUS of trying to change “the rules out of the blue to restrict [Congress’] ability to conduct oversight” He went on to say the committee received documents that showed someone acquainted with the president allegedly received a $3-million payment from a Chinese company shortly after Biden left the vice presidency in 2017. The letter didn’t explain who the associate was, what line of business they were in, or how they are connected to Biden.

The news comes as the GOP continues to push the probes into the president and his family. They have long been concerned about the Biden family’s foreign business ties, especially Hunter Biden’s. The president’s son worked for a Ukrainian energy company while Biden served as vice president. He’s also reportedly connected to Chinese companies. There are questions about how much Joe Biden was involved in his son’s business ventures, and whether that could impact the country now that he is serving as commander-in-chief.

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