Lawmakers Hire Investigators to Probe Election

Lawmakers Hire Investigators To Probe Election

( – Arizona’s disputed election results are finally going to be properly investigated, after the state senate announced it hired external auditors to do a full recount of last November’s ballots from a key county.

On March 31, the Arizona Senate announced that, following a February court ruling that gave them authority to audit disputed election results, they’ve hired investigators to do a full check and recount of 2.1 million ballots from Maricopa County, the most populous in the state. Senate President Karen Fann (R) has asked Maricopa County officials to help with the audit, but so far they haven’t responded.

The Senate has hired four companies to carry out audits and a hand recount of all Maricopa County ballots. One of them, Wake Technology Services, has done hand recounts in other states; the other three focus on information technology, and it’s likely they’ll look at the county’s voting machines and data storage. Five months after the election, we might finally get some answers about what happened in Arizona last November.

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