Lawsuit Filed After Secret Service Admits It Destroyed Biden Records

Lawsuit Filed After Secret Service Admits It Destroyed Biden Records

( – Judicial Watch, a non-partisan political watchdog group, announced it has filed a lawsuit for records the Secret Service reportedly destroyed involving an alleged physical altercation between Joe Biden and a Secret Service agent.

Gateway Pundit republished a 2017 article on March 29, stating an unnamed Secret Service agent received a one-week suspension in 2009 for reportedly “shoving” then-Vice President Joe Biden after he groped his girlfriend during a photo-op.

According to Gateway Pundit’s source, the situation swiftly became volatile, with other agents stepping in to prevent the agent from “hitting” Biden.

On May 12, Judicial Watch served a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Secret Service seeking access to that incident’s records.

The Secret Service acknowledged receipt of the FOIA request on May 13, but asserted in a follow-up notice on July 13 that no records existed regarding the incident.

The Secret Service didn’t deny the incident happened but claimed the files had been destroyed according to document retention standards.

On July 14, Judicial Watch filed an administrative appeal but never received a response. On September 2, they filed a lawsuit against the DHS with the US District Court for DC, alleging the Secret Service violated FOIA.

The court docket indicated the case was assigned to Judge Rudolph Contreras later that day.

No one is above the law’s reach, especially a candidate for the highest office in the country. Hopefully, the court can force the release of these documents, if they exist, before the November elections.

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