Left Loses it As Trump Deports Nazi

Left Loses it As Trump Deports Nazi
Left Loses it As Trump Deports Nazi

The left are a funny bunch. It often seems that they’re more interested in fighting anything the right does rather than using their brains and logic (or lack thereof). That one fact was never more true than it was the other day, when the US Government successfully managed to oust one of the last actual German nazis in the country.

Key Facts

• 95-year-old Jakiw Palij, who has been hiding and flying under the radar in New York City for decades, was deported to Germany this week. The now-frail man is accused of lying to gain entry to the country shortly after WWII.
• It seems that Palij originally made himself out to be a victim in the war – someone who was oppressed, rather than supported, by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. But ICE and the United States government have accused the man of lying about his history for well over 25 years.
• Palij has been fighting the accusations for some time, and previously, managed to protect his status as a citizen. Previous administrations (including the Obama administration) stated that there “wasn’t enough evidence” to convict and deport, yet did little to try and secure that evidence.
• Another part of the issue in Palij’s case stemmed from both his fragility and bureaucratic red tape. Each time previous administrations attempted to oust him, they found themselves mired in multiple layers of nonsense. Despite the fact that his citizenship was revoked in 2003, he was never deported.
• You would expect cheers of support at this news, especially from the left…right? Unfortunately, the exact opposite happened. We really should expect this by now, but these paradoxical reactions are still so ridiculous that we feel a little like we’re in the Twilight Zone…
• A now-deleted tweet from Thomas Dunn, one of UpWorthy’s shill writers, read “These ICE agents don’t realize that someone else will come for them when they turn 95,” and also accused Trump of white nationalism. That tweet has since been deleted. Gaslighting at its finest.
• Dunn also accused the President, who is technically an elder himself, of elder abuse, and made allusions to the fact that he was as bad as a holocaust soldier. “PS deporting a 95-year-old Nazi guard is a really great way to use elder abuse as plausible deniability for your xenophobic white nationalist sympathies,” he tweeted.
• Washington Post was quick to jump on the bandwagon, too, suggesting that the move was little more than a political ploy. Which is a shining example of how Trump could literally resolve world hunger and give every person in the country high-paying jobs and still be vilified because his name is tied to the action.
• Admittedly, Palij’s removal and the photos taken of him during it are startling. He is so feeble that he was removed on a stretcher, but should illness and elderhood make someone immune from punishment? If this were a case where he had stolen a loaf of bread, maybe – but we’re talking about participating in one of the worst events in history. That’s not acceptable.