Left Offers Abortion as Mother's Day Push for "Moms Deserve Better" Campaign

Mother and child: the most sacred bond in the world for many. On Mother’s Day, we celebrate this collection and hold up mothers in esteem, remembering the fact that none of us would even be here if it wasn’t for a mother’s decision to bring us into the world.
Everyone celebrates Mother’s Day in their own way. Some want a quiet day of self-reflection, while others go all-out and reward mom with expensive gifts. But however you celebrate and wherever your beliefs lie, nearly everyone can agree that it isn’t a day to celebrate abortion.
Everyone, that is, except for the Left, who apparently took advantage of the moment to highlight the right to end a life before it even really begins.

Key Points

  • As usual, Planned Parenthood couldn’t resist the opportunity to push their dangerous agenda. But while they could have taken the moment to advocate for prenatal care, birth education, and parenting support for women, they took the conversation down a dark path instead:
  • The quote within the image is what’s most disturbing, here. “Being a mother makes me appreciative for our rights: all women should have the choice to do what they want with their own body.” Sure, that’s fair — except pregnancy involves two bodies, not just one.
  • Meanwhile, comedians like Jena Friedman used Mother’s Day to turn abortion into a big joke. “On Mother’s Day don’t forget, if your mother didn’t have that abortion, you probably wouldn’t be here” she said.
  • Thousands of other users tweeted their support for abortion, using the hashtag #WhatMomsNeed to push for the right to end a pregnancy. Conservative moms fought back by using the same hashtag to share stories of their decision to refuse abortion and be personally responsible, even in the face of great difficulty.

It would have been a grand opportunity to talk about the fact that accidental pregnancies often force women to feel like they have no other options but abortion…yet posts about improving resources and support seemed few and far between.
Something is very wrong with this picture.