Leftists Weaponize Greta Thunberg

Leftists Weaponize Greta Thunberg

When the Right makes appeals towards protecting the children, it’s in reference to creating a safe, nurturing environment, providing opportunities for success and instilling positive, traditional values. However, much of the Leftist culture is antithetical toward these notions — whether the average Liberal realizes it or not. But, believe it or not, it IS possible to have a healthy conversation about family values with a reasonable Leftist, even if they are hard to find.

The Liberals calling the shots, though, understand exactly what they’re doing when it comes to political expediency.

“Think of the Children”

Liberals pushing their political agenda will resort to just about anything to “prove” their point. This includes child exploitation, which is usually weaponized in the form of a guilt trip. Remember all of those commercials attempting to guilt you into donating to feed African children?

The Left’s latest propaganda narrative is pushing the dangers of climate change. They’ll resort to any measures they feel are necessary to “fix” the environment, like allowing trees to grow unchecked, which increases the likelihood of forest fires. When it comes to rhetoric, they often rely on fear tactics.

Lately, the Left has resorted to identity politics to promote Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old autistic girl from Sweden, as their beloved icon for climate change activism.

Creating an Icon

Greta began her climate activist career in August 2018, when she spent some of her school days protesting outside of the Swedish Parliament. She held up signs saying “school strike for climate” and her fellow classmates eventually joined these “sick days.” Eventually, this movement sparked some form of student protest about climate change somewhere in the world each week.

Greta was invited to speak at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2018 and 2019. Below is her latest viral speech at this year’s UN summit:

How exactly she got there and why she was specifically chosen to represent the Left isn’t completely clear. What is apparent, however, is that some Liberal elites seized an opportunity to enshrine their climate change activism through the lens of identity politics.

Weaponizing Identity Politics

Here are but a few examples of how manipulating identity politics manifests itself in Leftist political rhetoric:

  • How can you refute the words of a young autistic girl when it comes to climate change without looking mean for picking on her?
  • If you don’t accept her message, then you’re obviously an ignorant bigot who doesn’t want to save the world.
  • This teenage girl knows more than you about global politics, but you won’t listen because she’s “different.”

It’s under this guise of “social justice” and identity politics that Liberals hide behind to spread propaganda. Climate change is their latest obsession, but the same old tricks haven’t changed. So, the next time you think you should feel ashamed for rejecting Greta Thunberg and her ideas, don’t. You’ll be playing right into their hands if you do.

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