Liberal Elite Mocks Working-Class Americans Over Gas Prices: “I’ll Pay $15 a Gallon”

Liberal Elite Mocks Working-Class Americans Over Gas Prices:

( – “Just buy an electric car!” It’s a phrase that’s passed through the lips of many Leftists as gas prices surge. A prominent Liberal television host said something similar recently and it rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

Gas prices soared close to an average of $4.50 per gallon this week. Americans are understandably concerned about whether they’ll be able to afford to get to work. On the Monday, March 7 CBS’ “Late Night” show, host Stephen Colbert joked around with his audience, saying he doesn’t care how much gas prices cost. “I’m willing to pay $4 per gallon,” he told viewers. He said because he drives a Tesla, it wouldn’t matter if he has to pay $15 per gallon.

That’s great for Colbert. The 56-year-old has an estimated net worth of $75 million. Purchasing a car that costs between $45,000 and $130,000 before taxes is a drop in the bucket for an elite television star.

The median income in the US is just over $44,000 a year. Inflation has surged to 7.9% in recent days, meaning Americans are paying more for everything. They can’t afford cars that cost more than their annual salary.

Townhall Senior Editor Matt Vespa commented on the segment on Twitter saying Colbert’s rant proves the Leftist “doesn’t know real people.” America’s working poor are going to be hurt.

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