Liberal Media Begins Alleging Outdoor Masks Are Political Theater

Liberal Media Begins Alleging Outdoor Masks Are Political Theater

( – Some in the media are starting to ask when COVID-19 restrictions will ease as vaccination rates continue to climb. Populations are approaching 50% vaccinated in numerous states. As of April 21, the CDC says nearly 40% of the US population had received at least one shot, and 26% were fully vaccinated. Yet, President Joe Biden continues to push mask mandates. He even accused Republican governors who lifted mandates in February of “Neanderthal thinking.” However, some major liberal media outlets are catching onto the game Democrats are playing with restrictions, and they’re making the same observations conservatives have for months,

Currently, 24 states do not require people to wear masks, and 26 do. In Oregon and Michigan, there is talk of making some restrictions permanent. However, some media members are questioning whether the restrictions make sense now that more people are vaccinated and the scientific community learns more about COVID-19.

Media Calls for Return to Normal

Is the liberal media really starting to get it? Last weekend, HBO far-left host Bill Maher said the liberal media’s coverage of COVID-19 was equivalent to “panic porn.” On television, we routinely see journalists wearing masks outdoors when no one is even around them.

Several left-leaning media outlets called for an end to the outdoor mask mandates. Some even say it’s time to return to normal life as journalists report that outdoor transmission is nearly non-existent. Natalie Shure of the New Republic wrote that the point of a mask is to reduce infection and that there’s no reason to believe that wearing a mask while walking to the grocery store will cause someone to get infected.

Derek Thompson at the Atlantic wrote that it’s time for the government to create a COVID-19 “off-ramp” and start returning to normal life by ending outdoor mask mandates. He observed the oddness of walking around outside with a mask, only to head inside a restaurant to take it off. He wrote that ending the outdoor mask mandates is a good place to start as people get vaccinated. Otherwise, outdoor mask mandates are nothing more than political theater.

The New York Times is now questioning why so many vaccinated people are afraid of COVID-19 still. The writer notes how people are killed by cars every year, but Americans accept that risk. Yet, the decision-makers are driving irrational thinking about the virus. Especially now that vaccines are dramatically reducing deaths and hospitalizations. Most of those who do contract COVID-19 only experience mild symptoms at worst. Better still, the odds of getting COVID for those vaccinated is 1 in 11,000.

As the media begins to ask the question a year later, will it pressure the federal government and governors to loosen restrictions?

The pressure is on, and only time will tell how soon America gets back to normal.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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