Liberal Star Shares Sickening Image on Social Media

Liberal Star Shares Sickening Image on Social Media

( – Kathy Griffin was once one of the most popular female comedians in America. In 2017, during former President Donald Trump’s administration, she ruined her career by sharing a gruesome image of herself holding his head. It appears she has not learned her lesson.

On August 1, US Attorney Jack Smith announced more federal indictments against Trump. That same day, Griffin posted a photo on Twitter as an homage to the infamous 2017 photo. This time, it was photoshopped to look like the federal prosecutor was holding Trump’s head. The former president had a surprised look on his face. The comedian captioned the photo, “Finally.”

Sharon Stone and Rosanna Arquette both showed support for Griffin by posting a fist bump emoji and clapping hands, respectively. Actress Alexandra Billings, who has starred in television shows like ER and Grey’s Anatomy, said, “I LOVE how vindicated you finally are my friend. This is GLORIOUS to witness !!!”

Not everyone was quite so impressed. One Instagram user called the comedian “absolute trash” and mentioned that she’d whined when her tour was canceled after she posted the original photo in 2017. A few months ago, Griffin said she had “complex PTSD,” and it started about “five and a half years ago. Wink.” She was alluding to the scandal, which happened around that time.

In the weeks after she shared the photo, Griffin held a tearful press conference and claimed the then-sitting president and his family were trying to ruin her life. She went on to say that she didn’t think she would have a career left when it was all said and done.

Another Instagram user said her post reeked of the “desperation to stay relevant.” Someone else said it doesn’t seem that Griffin has learned anything in the past few years.

Former President Trump has pleaded not guilty to all criminal charges against him.

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