Licensed Gun Owner Assists Cops in Shootout

Licensed Gun Owner Assists Cops in Shootout
Licensed Gun Owner Assists Cops in Shootout

The last couple of years, leftie Democrats have more or less made it their mission to see that our right to bear arms is removed. By their logic, removing all the guns from society will somehow turn America into a paradise, convincing all the violent criminals to put down their guns and sing Kumbaya alongside us by the campfire.
Those of us with half a brain in our head know why this is absolutely ridiculous, and we found a great example for you while curating this week’s news. It turns out a licensed gun owner turned hero this week, after he assisted police during a shootout in Illinois. Here’s how the situation unfolded.

Key Facts

• Cicero Police Officer, Luis Duarte, and his partner were on a routine patrol when they made a traffic stop near the 3900 block of South Cicero. Suddenly, the vehicle they stopped sped up and charged off onto the onramp, heading toward southbound Interstate 55.
• The two officers were able to quickly become mobile and chase the speeding car down, boxing it in before it could cause a crash. But that’s exactly when things went from bad to worse for Duarte.
• This driver clearly had something to hide. Not only did he run in the first place, raising suspicions, but he also got out and began firing on the officers with an automatic weapon.
• The suspect ran off on foot, occasionally shooting back at officers. Duarte and his partner continued to chase him on foot. That’s about when the unnamed concealed-carrying citizen popped out of his car and began engaging the suspect with police.
• At some point during the incident, Duarte was hit – but so was the suspect. It isn’t yet clear whether the bullet came from the citizen or the police, but the hit immobilized him. Police were then able to safely arrest him and bring the incident to an end.
• Cicero’s town president, Larry Dominick, released a statement shortly afterward praising the citizen for jumping into action. “He got out and started helping the police, which is something I’ve got to be proud of,” he said.
• As for Duarte, he remains in hospital as of the time this post was written. He is expected to make a full recovery. Hopefully, he gets the opportunity to thank the citizen who may have saved his life in the near future.
• This incident shows the potential benefits of having an armed, prepared population who knows how to use guns in the right way at the right time. You can’t control criminals; they are unpredictable and don’t follow laws. omfortable being armed, that’s even more reason to support those who are and who will have your back if the need arises.
• Living in Illinois? Here’s what you need to know to exercise your right to bear arms. In order to concealed carry legally, you’ll need a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card and a Concealed Carry License (CCL). There is a $150 initial fee, but the value of being able to protect yourself and the ones you love is well worth the small stipend.