Lindsey Graham Begs Crowd To Stop Booing Him

Lindsey Graham Begs Crowd To Stop Booing Him

( – Former President Donald Trump had a busy Fourth of July weekend, starting with his appearance at the Moms for Liberty Annual Summit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He followed up on Saturday, July 1, with a robust campaign rally in Pickens, South Carolina, billed as an Independence Day celebration. Longtime supporter and local lawmaker Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) attended the event at the former president’s bidding but ended up begging the crowd to stop booing him.

Rally attendees booed Graham from the time Trump introduced him until he finally fled the stage a few minutes later. The senator begged the raucous crowd to hush, asking them if it was possible to find some common ground and pleading with them to “just calm down for a second.”

Making matters worse, Trump only half-heartedly defended Graham during his speech, telling them they needed to love Graham. “He’s half and half,” he remarked, adding that Republicans need him to help bring the “liberal votes.”

Trump mentioned Graham again later in his speech, telling the crowd that the senator was there for him when he needed his support. Turning toward Graham, Trump mockingly asked him if he minded him returning to South Carolina to “campaign a little for you.”

Adding fuel to the situation, “Fox & Friends” host and wife of former Representative Dean Duffy (R-WI), Rachel Campos-Duffy, tore into Graham during her coverage of the incident. Noting that she’s familiar with campaign events, Campos-Duffy told her co-hosts that what happened to Graham on Saturday was “super embarrassing.”

“He’s a native son” of South Carolina, Campos-Duffy remarked. “Here comes this Manhattan who gets all this love, this is what happens to Graham?” she rhetorically asked. She also pointed out that he was the one who invited Trump to kick off his current round of big rallies “right there in his home state.”

The Fox host concluded her remarks by pointing out that Graham would have gotten a better reception had he been in Ukraine than Pickens, South Carolina — and “that says a lot.”

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